To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data, security is paramount. Our infrastructure runs on professionally hosted cloud and dedicated hardware.

  • User "text" provided as part of the TextRazor analysis API call is never stored on disk on any of our machines. Text will remain in memory for the duration of the analysis process.
  • The TextRazor API offers an SSL endpoint for secure communication between your software and our servers.
  • Communication between TextRazor backend services is performed through encrypted SSL connections.
  • User account passwords are safely stored encrypted with the bcrypt one-way hashing algorithm.
  • User payment details (including Credit Cards) are stored securely with our payment processors, Your card details are never sent or stored on TextRazor's servers.

Report a Potential Vulnerability

If you have discovered a potential vulnerability in any of the TextRazor services or website please notify us immediately through email at We will immediately acknowledge receipt of your email and start working to fix the issue right away.

When reporting security issues, please be sure to include as much information as possible in your email. If possible this could include: A proof of concept demonstrating the issue, steps taken to reproduce the issue, and potential impact of the issue.