Based in London England, TextRazor is a startup providing software that helps developers rapidly build text analytics into their applications. Our tools offer state-of-the-art performance out of the box while offering customization options to help optimize for any use case.

The TextRazor API is growing rapidly, currently handling millions of daily requests from hundreds of applications across a range of verticals. Major use cases include social media monitoring, enterprise search, recommendation systems and ad targetting.

The company was founded in 2011, and has been operating profitably since 2013 with no institutional investment.

We are based in the heart of London's Tech City right next to Old Street "Silicon" Roundabout:

TextRazor Ltd
86-90 Paul Street

TextRazor is a company registered in England and Wales under number 08481159. We are registered for UK VAT under number 195718758.


Toby Crayston


Toby founded TextRazor and has over 10 years of engineering experience centered around Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing. Previously Toby worked in search R&D for Bloomberg, building out their news search infrastructure.