An update to our Terms and Conditions

Thu 03 June 2021

We've just published an update to our standard Terms and Conditions, which you can read here. There are a few improvements we'd like to draw your attention to:

Sunset clause

Having started back in 2013, we're one of the longest running NLP APIs. Nonetheless we can appreciate it's always a concern adding a third party dependency to your tech stack. We wanted to add some extra assurances that we'll be around in the forseeable future, so have added a "sunset" clause which commits to giving at least 12 months notice in the unlikely event we discontinue the API, and also before making any major breaking changes to the API interface.

Brexit and GDPR

Since the UK left the EU this year it has been widely expected that data transfers from the EU to the UK will be covered by data "equivalency" rulings. This has not yet been finalized, so to ensure continuity for our EU customers who rely on our GDPR compliance we've put in place a couple of solutions ready for any eventuality. We've added a provision to enable us to continue to process your data under the EU's "Standard Contractual Clauses" as a backup. We've also formalised our EU region. Text sent to this endpoint won't leave the EU for processing - please get in touch if you would like to switch over.