New Region: TextRazor EU

Wed 07 November 2018

The TextRazor API is now available from servers based in the EU. Our new region provides the same interface and quality of results as our main North American region, but will only process your text on servers physically located in the EU.

With the GDPR hitting this year we've seen an increased interest in how we handle your important text data. We have always had strong guarantees in our T&Cs, promising not to log or otherwise store your data, and for most use-cases there's not a problem processing data on US and Canadian servers due to the EU's data "adequacy" laws. Still, we've had a number of requests for an EU hosted service for those with regulatory restrictions on where they can send data.

Switching to the new region is as simple as updating the endpoint you are using to call TextRazor. We are gently ramping up in the new region, so for the time being we are controlling access on a per-account basis. Please get in touch if you would like to switch over.