Bigger, Better, Faster

Thu 08 May 2014

Over the past few months we've been working hard on some big enhancements and new features, we're excited to share some of these today.

We now allow you to augment each entity in TextRazor's response with useful structured data, including place geolocation, sample images, multilingual labels and descriptions, websites and much much more. Our amazingly comprehensive index consists of billions of facts from linked data resources like Freebase - we take care of the indexing and update process so you can focus on enhancing your application with this real-world data. The TextRazor API supports "Enrichment queries" that allow you to request the exact data you need without slowing down requests. You can start using these today, find out more here.

We've also made some significant improvements to the accuracy and performance of our core disambiguation engine. Most notable in non-English languages, you'll now see more entities and topics being returned from the API with a greater precision than ever before. In addition to this, we've moved to a faster model release cycle. With language changing all the time, text analytics systems can get stale very quickly. TextRazor is now automatically updating every few weeks so you'll be sure to properly identify new movies, books, people and companies as soon as they become relevant.

We'd love to hear any feedback you might have, please contact us if you have any comments.