New Control Panel Available Now

Fri 06 September 2013

Billing isn't a hugely exciting topic, but it's an important part of the experience for any API. Today we've made a few improvements that'll make life easier for everyone building on TextRazor.

We've just released a new admin panel that allows self-service changes to your account, and complete transparency into your past invoices and usage history. We now allow for plan changes mid-billing period, making it easier to rapidly adjust to changes in your usage patterns.

We've also added a metered component to all our paid plans. You don't want your application to stop working if you get more traffic than you're expecting, and fixed request caps can get in the way. There's a small charge for each additional request over those included in your plan, you can find pricing information on the plans page. All charges will be automatically added to your next invoice. You must specifically enable this new functionality in your account, to control your spending you can also specify a daily cap on metered requests.

Hope that helps, as always get in touch if you have any questions! Login to make changes to your account.